Status of the Society:

The Society is a charitable and non-political body involved in the pursuit of its objectives in Ireland.

The Irish Deer Society was established in 1968, to monitor legislation and activities of organisations an agencies that may impact on deer, their habitat and all current, past and future management practices.

We are devoted to improving the welfare of wild deer in Ireland and recognise and accept that this may involve culling for the greater good and protection of the overall herd.

Our membership is made up of a wide cross section of people from all walks of life such as deer stalkers, deer farmers, those with a scientific interest, photographers or simply those who enjoy nature and observing deer in the wild.


Objectives of the Irish Deer Society

  1. The conservation of deer and their habitat in ireland.
  2. The advancement of the study and the dissemination of the knowledge of deer their distribution and ecology.
  3. The establishment of sound methods of management and humane control of deer.
  4. The achievement and observance of adequate legal protective provisions for deer and their habitat in Ireland.
  5. The formulation of a code of conduct and rules for deer management.